This is The Focus:

To define the four qualities that outwardly and vehemently defy the misogynistic attitudes  that continue to speak falsely to the meaning of masculinity. These are the four qualities I will exude.

I will become a man of Power. I will develop and hone my mental strength,  have the emotional and spiritual acuity to control my internal reaction to external surroundings and actively direct my course in life. I will use physical power not to oppress, but to protect anyone I love or may be in need.

I will be a man of  Wisdom. I will keep the keen,  purposeful ear of a student, with the humble insight and understanding of a teacher by living a life of deep purpose and focus.

I will be a man of Justice, I will always create an atmosphere of genuine respect. Courageously and tactfully I will rise above the divisive pettiness of aggression and replace it with integrity, honor and civility.

I will be a man who openly and actively attracts Love. Love of self, love of those who befriend me and those who are strangers to me. I will passionately remove all obstacles that prevent me from giving or receiving this quality.

We seek, not to change minds but to challenge hearts of men and positively assert a new view of masculinity, based on Wisdom, Justice, Love & Power. This is our Focus. This is our world view.

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