JUSTICE: A gentleman must have a strong sense of right and wrong based on a spiritual core that is deeper than just words. It must affect him in every situation in life whether in public or in private. He must speak truthfully and live with integrity.

“Just as everyone has an inborn need for love, so we all yearn to be treated with justice, [justice] is instinct and innate, . . . as much a part of our constitution as that of feeling, seeing, or hearing.” Thomas Jefferson

With all the problems that tend to dishearten, many need encouragement. Sadly, in today’s world some of the harshest judgments are handed down in what should be a haven of peace—the home. It is not uncommon to hear about abusive husbands, wives, or parents who “sentence” their family members to a constant barrage of vicious words, bitter sarcasm, and abusive treatment or even physical abuse. Consequently, the issue of Justice is important in every man’s life, because whether we have positions of authority at our jobs or are the head of the household in our family, we need to develop a balance view of this quality so that our relationships in and out our social circles will flourish and grow. Thus, it is the second of the four qualities (Love, Justice, Wisdom & Power) men should develop on their journey as gentlemen.

Webster’s Dictionary defines Justice as: 2a: The quality of being just impartial and fair.B (1): the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action (2): conformity to this principle or ideal: righteousness For the sake of our discussion we will settle in on 2a and b (1).

We are surrounded by a lack of justice, an atmosphere of distrust, and a breakdown of social decency in life. Many attitudes and motives—including prejudice, injured pride, jealousy, and self-righteousness—can distort the way we see our colleagues at work, our friends and even our family members. All of us have a tendency to be judgmental, it is all too easy to sit in judgment of others, criticizing their faults and questioning their motives. However, individually we can do our part to manifest this quality. If we are to truly transform ourselves, become an “Internal Stylist,” or elevate our behaviors, we need to look intensely inside at our attitudes, check our own motives and root out any tendency to be judgmental.

How can a man develop Justice? As we are well aware, it is not always easy to do what is just and right. If you own a business with employees—or even if you just hire someone to do a job—how are your wages, requests, and monetary dealings? If we are employees in a business, how do you view and treat your customers or fellow employees? As leaders in our homes, how do we view our loved ones? It’s important that a gentleman has a sense of right and wrong based not on what those around him or the populace may see as self-serving, but based on the motive of serving and helping others.

The key to displaying justice is to recognize our own adversities, while having the ability to empathize with other people’s struggles. It is easy to have a double standard—an indulgent one for us, but a strict one for others. We may readily make excuses for our own shortcomings, yet we are quick to criticize the failings of others, which may well be insignificant compared to our own. But if we apply the simple tenant of the Golden Rule, it will help us to display justice in a profound way. A gentleman who displays justice can temper his views of others by looking at his own flaws and shortcomings as an opportunity to be better. He understands that personal growth is a steady and continual process that each one reaches through different means. However, this doesn’t mean that he is a “push-over,” letting people take advantage of him, it just means that he widens his ideological vision and understanding of others view points, while not straying from his own core values.

What are the benefits of this quality? It will help us be balanced and fair. Developing and displaying justice will increase trust in those we interact with everyday. Our families will draw closer to us because they know that they can be open and honest with us without fear of harsh criticism. Our employee’s know that they can always work with us to resolve issues that may inhibit their productivity. Our employer can rely on us to always give excellent customer service. Ultimately, we create a higher sense of awareness of how our actions can help others and transform our society to a more just and understanding place.


“I will be a man of Justice, I will always create an atmosphere of genuine respect. Courageously and tactfully I will rise above the divisive pettiness of aggression and replace it with integrity, honor and civility.”


The next quality we will discuss will be Wisdom.

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