“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” – Ernest Hemingway

This is our MANIFESTO:

We are student teachers, learning from our collective experiences and passing this wisdom down to younger generations. We are servant leaders, working on ourselves while helping others with humility and gratitude. We have Faith in God who gives us lessons to live by and  the grace to hold  dear. We are men, elevating our mentality, improving our families and seeking to inspire our brothers in the community. We are a collective, we are focused. We are Gentlemen.

The Gentleman’s Movement – TGM

The Gentlemen’s Movement establishes the need for men to develop elegance and refinement and sophistication from the INSIDE out. These four qualities will help them become responsible, dedicated and productive people in life:

LOVE. Love of self, love of others and their successes This is no small feat. It is based not just on his feelings but also his principles. It will balance him to be empathetic always, yet firm when necessary. This means that he needs to learn to conquer the things that would stand in the way of him giving it to other persons, or prevent him from receiving it.

JUSTICE. He must have a strong sense of right and wrong based on a spiritual core that is deeper than just words. It must affect him in every situation in life whether in public or in private. He must speak truthfully and live with integrity.

WISDOM. A Gentleman must always stay in the active mode of learning by observing, questioning, and monitoring his motives, about and listening to the views of others while still staying true to his core values. He practices humility yet exudes confidence. He gives and serves by making himself available to aid others, especially those who cannot reciprocate his kindness.

POWER. He will develop the mental, emotional and spiritual focus to change the course of his life and those who he interacts with. This will come, not from an inflated sense of self, but from an acknowledgment of his weaknesses and a wish to improve. His status in life will NOT dictate this power because it will be forged from his will to control not the things around him, but himself.

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