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Transformations: Excuse The %&$* Expletives


I’ve been using social media for a short time now and it’s been an enriching experience. I’ve been able to connect with all types of interesting, informative, intelligent, creative, caring, empathetic, engaging people. Like offline life, it has really giving me a real insight on different types of personalities, brands, entertainment and propaganda out there. I’ve learned that it can inspire you to be more aware of yourself of others and the world around you, teach you to be entrepreneurial,  a leader or give you daily affirmation. I learned that it can also be a very weird, confounding, unruly place as well. I’ve learned that there are other “versions” of the chirping bird out there including a #twitterafterdark, black twitter, a spammers paradise and a slew of bathroom photo models that would love to get your attention. But out of all the things that may be right or wrong with social media I guess the one thing that I don’t appreciate is foul language.

If you have visited this site enough you know that I really do my best to be positive and encourage those that visit to do “Internal Styling,”  tweaking  the things that keep us from being the best version of ourselves we can be. One of those things is foul language. I don’t like it. It really, really turns me off. In fact, I actually cringe when I hear a person lay into a person with a barrage of vulgar, angry words aimed mostly at degrading or berating someone or someones character, family member, racial background, sexuality, etc, etc.  Some even pride themselves for their distinct ability and ease at being able to rattle off a slew of carefully aimed expletives that cut away at someones self-esteem with the precision of a surgeons scalpel.

Call me old fashion but there is something to be said of someone who lets the F-bombs flow freely. It’s a part of good etiquette and general manners to be wary of how our actions affects others around us. I’m not a Puritan but being polite and gracious goes a long way online and offline. So as you tweet, sub-tweet, post or update your status be a little mindful of how you speak. Words can cut or heal. “Dress Internally”

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Transformations: Lost Connections

The world is so cynical. Idealism & Positiveness are viewed as weak where Pessimism and Negativity given a snark twist is viewed as smart, informed and even funny. Generation X, 13th, MTV Generation, Generation Y, Generation C, Echo Boom Generation, Millennial Generation, The Internet Generation, Have all been exposed to a love lost world full of suffering and chaos. This is true when it comes to affairs of the heart. Gone are the days of flowers and chocolates. We live in the age of web cams and restraining orders. What would in the past seem romantic is now seen as clingy, as people are more than ever trying to close themselves off from the “Human Touch.” Men are still at a loss as to what’s appropriate to do, to call or not to call, Bad Boy or Nice Guy. Ladies are just as confused, Assertive or Demure, Hard To Get or First Date Kiss. With our busy schedule and sometimes silly expectations we sometimes aimlessly look for a different kind of connection, where we can be who we want to be and not who we really are. Here on the Net we can and have created “Social Media Avatars” that can say and do everything that we wouldn’t dare in the real world. You can rename yourself to be the person you want to be. The Nice Guy can now play the Bad Boy, The Bad Boy can fool the Demure Girl and she in turn can be more Assertive, or play Hard To Get. The cost we pay is the emptiness we feel in the wee hours of the morning when we’ve spent hours looking at words on the screen, waiting for a response on the other end.

Maybe we have become victims to technology. Most of us need it to get through the day, a computer or smart phone. With faster ways of communicating like email, text messaging and Skype ask yourself do you feel more connected or not? Is knowing that you can be reached at anytime make you feel closer to those you love or not? Most of us see it as a burden, an annoyance. But when was the last time you actually had a face to face meaningful conversation with someone, anyone, a loved one, spouse, significant other or relative? Take a moment. Times up. Put down your cell phone and be present here in the moment. Talk to the person most important and in front of you. Don’t type, write someone a letter, a hello letter, a goodbye letter, a love letter. When you receive one treasure it, because it’s slowly becoming a lost art form. Save it in an old shoe box, show it to someone special, get closer to the ones that mean most.

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