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Monday Motivations: The Art Of Dressing Internally

“A Sator/Seamstress knows that every loose thread on a garment must be either cut off or sewn into place for clothes to look refined. The ‘Character Tailor’ understands that loose threads in his or her personality also need to be cut or sewn place in order for growth and maturation to occur.” – 


In the fashion industry, spring/summer is a great time for designers to showcase their fresh new satorial pieces, shed the heavy, dark colors of winter and shift to lighter and brighter fabrics. This gets us ready and excited for the new styles of the season. It’s also the time when we shake off the winter doldrums, get a new lease on our motivations and passions. But above all, we re-focus on our purpose. I like to call this process “Internal Styling.”

Internal Styling is the art of dressing ourselves from the inside out. It means we develop character based skills needed to meet our goals, expand our thinking and deepen our relationships with others. It requires we re-examine our longtime habits and thought processes to ultimately move closer to our personal purpose.

How do we begin? How can we focus on making sure we look just as good on the inside as we’d like to look on the outside? When we pick out clothing, we usually choose according to our personal tastes. We are often inspired by celebrities, musicians, designers or even that guy or girl at work who always has impeccable taste in clothing.

Likewise, the first thing we should do is give some serious thought to who we look to or associate with. This is a good indicator where our values lie. Who we spend the bulk of our time with can either help or hinder where we want to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Associating with those who will inspire us to be better and hold us accountable is the one of the first steps to dressing internally.

Secondly, what do we feed our minds on? Are we absorbing information that will increase our understanding of ourselves and  how we can elevate our mental, emotional and spiritual self? Often times we are eager to read material that will benefit us economically because we can see the results manifested visually: a new wardrobe, car, house etc. Now I’m not knocking prosperous thinking. But when we are focusing on dressing internally the results are less apparent because they are not as tangible to the naked eye and are character based. They are seen gradually over a longer period of time.

Lastly, we have to remove any obstructions that keep us from being the best person that we can be. Since the goal is to improve our character, anyone or anything that jeopardizes that elevation has to be held under scrutiny. Dream Killers, Emotional Vampires, Mental Anchors, Haters, whatever you want to call them; All of these things have to be cleared away so that we can stay focused on improving our character.

When we do these three things:

1. Examine who we spend our time with.
2. What we feed our mind on.
3. Remove any mental and emotional obstructions.

We will not only change ourselves, but it can also encourage and inspire others.

Today, the world needs more Thought Leaders, Servant Leaders and Mentors to challenge us and our ideological differences. Could you become one of them? Dressing internally is a powerful and way to look at our motives, question ourselves and possibly take steps to become one of these types of people. It can enhance the way we interact with our family, friends, and colleagues. It improves and deepens our relationships and ultimately keeps us thinking and acting in line with our personal purpose.

“Elegance is a question of personality, more than one’s clothing”Jean Paul Gaultier


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Transformations: Monday Motivation-Living The Life of Mastery vs Mediocrity


I write a lot on this blog about changing yourself from the inside out. Becoming an “Internal Stylist”  to your personality is a very revealing and often surprising endeavor. “Character Tailoring” forces you to look in the mirror and see how you really think and feel about the real important issues in your life. This gentleman’s journey has had some  interesting twists and turns. And now I’m on the path to become the best possible version of myself. I feel as if I am giving my mind and heart a complete system overhaul like I would do my laptop. I’ve upgraded my attitude, re-installed my motivation and tweaked little habits here and there to run a little smoother, quieter and more efficient. The process has been full of crashes and reboots but I think I’ve become more compatible with my purpose and I’m now at version 4.0.

Maybe you’re in that same place, looking to upgrade, reboot and make some changes in your life to gain some mastery over your purpose or passion. Well, for most getting started isn’t an issue. We all have pretty good internal motivations. Some of us may not even have a problem staying the course. For most of us the trick I believe is staying balanced.

“Try not to think and act in extremes. Instead,  become a student of balance. There is wisdom in balance. Balance is the ability to see danger in excess or inertness. It’s the ability to  keep up our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health-become a student of Balance.”

When we are balance we are able to look at ourselves in a constructive way (not too harshly or loosely) so that real change can be made and goals achieved. I often think about it this way: If the thing that you are reaching out for throws you out of sync with your health, relationships, your mental, spiritual and emotional stability, then you may be in danger of not being balanced. Mastery comes when we can say no to the interruptions of that balance. Life makes all of us its students, the key is learning in the least amount of time so we can get to our purpose faster. We do that by knowing ourselves, we get to know ourselves by questioning our motivations.

Some  people might say: “I don’t want to settle, sounds like balance is another word for mediocrity.” But balance isn’t like someone having no motivation at all. It’s the difference between doing nothing and doing too much at all cost. Here’s a suggestion: the next time you watch TVOne’s Life After or VH1’s Behind The Music think about the energy that was spent on the goals the person had and the physical, emotional and mental cost vs the happiness they did or did not gain. Ultimately, most of the people are happy because they found purpose or better yet, balance in the things that they are doing in their lives now . but it was only AFTER they learned to be balance did they really realize the full mastery of their purpose.

We all should live a life of passion, move closer to the thing that drives us to wake up in the morning and conquer our fears. Go out there.Work hard. Be. Do. Just remember to master the balance of goals vs the true cost to our happiness.

Dress Internally.


“Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought.”

Henri L. Bergson (French philosopher, 1859 – 1941)

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Monday Motivations: “Make It Simple But Significant”

This is a quote from Mad Men season four episode six by the main character Don Draper. I thought this was an interesting given the shambles Don’s life had began to become. In all this “madness” he makes this statement after “winning” the Clio. If you are a fan of the show you know how ironic that statement was coming from Don, given what he had to do to get the award.

Aside from the drama surrounding those events, I thought this comment was significant to the Monday Motivations series. We live in a fast paced complex world with complicated problems. For some Life may be difficult, filled with peaks and valleys, good and bad times, triumphs and tragedies. Sometimes we are the problem, complicating things needlessly with self-defeating thoughts and talk that may never lead us to a place of true contentment and purpose. Other times we are the solution not only in helping ourselves but even others who may be struggling or need our help or encouragement.

I’m learning this lesson as I continue to transform into the best person that I can be. Truth is, when we make an effort to make or keep it simple: whether it’s our style and the way we dress, our life (wants vs needs) even our aspirations, a funny thing happens…we begin achieve focus, peace of mind, our thoughts are less cluttered and we get closer to the people and things that are truly significant.

“thєrє αrє nσ clαssєs ín lífє fσr вєgínnєrs: ríght αwαч чσu αrє αlwαчs αskєd tσ dєαl wíth whαt ís mσst díffícult.” ~ rαínєr rílkє

What are your thoughts on how to “Make it simple but significant?”

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Transformations: KAZMOK – Recycling Conveyor Belts Into Luxurious Briefcases.


transitive verb

A.) To change in composition or structure.

B. ) To change the outward form or appearance of.

C.) To change in character or condition


Change is an arduous task, taking sometimes months even years to achieve. Yet the work to achieve a goal is worth it when we see the results of our struggle. Here at The Transformed Male we appreciate the work it takes to improve our character into something better or to turn the unsightly into something beautiful. Industrial designer Dinand Stufkens might have had this in mind when creating the beautiful briefcases for his brand KAZMOK.


“KAZMOK is a unique brand that stands for quality and recycling. The primary feature of Kazmok re-use is the use of industrial and recycled waste materials. The idea for KAZMOK was born at the kitchen table of Dinand Stufkens. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, Dinand figured that conveyor belts could be the ideal material for men’s bags. That’s how Kazmok re-use was created. The material is strong, very durable, and unique in color and pattern.” 

KAZMOK The Principal_1 102040 Gé¼ 199,95

What I love about this design is the way Mr. Stufkens focuses on the enduring sustainability, using material that most of us think nothing of:  Conveyor belts that have previously been in distribution centers for products we may already own. From such humble beginnings come powerful, strikingly cool, unique, colorful pieces that not only make a statement of  independence from the norm, but also  a classic attention to detail that reflects Dinand’s own personality: daring, cool, pure and industrial. Since the craftsmanship that goes into every KAZMOK bag is essential to the entire continuity of the collection, he personally buys the materials (which consists of  strong rubber or PVC) does the quality control and sales. His brand is incredibly focused on sustainability,  from cleaning the raw material  without chemical cleaners to  making wise use of transportation during the distribution process. It’s clear that a great amount of purposeful thought goes into each series of briefcases, trolleys, shoppers, laptop bags, ipad sleeves, belts and accessories that KAZMOK makes.


It’s no wonder KAZMOK has been nominated for many sustainable design awards for their products. Transforming something common into the extraordinary with an eye for fluid, luxurious, functional, industrial  accessories, one can easily imagine not only having a KAZMOK bag for everyday use, but also as a legacy piece that endures just as long as the watch Dad gave you after graduating college, both  a symbol of what was and what is to be.


Dinand Stufkens

+31 6 13097599

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Transformations: Life Is Art


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