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Monday Motivations: Vertical Thinking

The world we live in is constantly changing, headline news keep us up to date with the late breaking stories in pop culture, political uprisings, natural disasters, the unbelievable and horrific suffering of innocents at the hands of  the powerful and selfish, a hailstorm of sound-bites and information for us to form an opinion on. Here’s the rub: with all of this audio-visual stimulation we receive at such blinding speed, what or who are we to believe in? what do we take in and what are we to filter out? Which way do you go, Left or Right? Which station do I listen to, what frequency is best?

On my journey of transformation I’m learning more and more that it is easy to let the noise and chatter of the outside interfere with the internal filter of the mind & more importantly the heart. How do you elevate above it all so that you can keep clarity of purpose and more importantly, eyes of discernment? I believe the key in doing this is to rise above our own “horizontal thoughts.” What do I mean? Basically this means moving from intentions and motivations that keep us thinking basely in the mindset of just our physical and emotional wants: “closer to the dust and farther from the sky” to purposes and actions that keep us living and “Thinking Vertically.”

Vertical Thinking is really spiritual thinking. It is the ability to see a thing through the lens and focus of spirituality. In our daily inter actions with people it’s easy to look with our horizontal vision and compare ourselves to others, let our ego dictate our decisions, or even blame others for our own biases. This, along with the tug-of-war between wants and needs, the base and moral has always brought into conflict our want for a better life vs. our need for internal peace. We all need to make a living, provide for family and cut out for ourselves a path for survival. The financial turmoil that grips this economy recently has caused many to have to reset, recalibrate and check goals, acquisitions and even life courses. Many of us are unemployed and trying to hold on, while others secretly still try to live outside and above our needs and means. Add to this is the unsteady global unrest, which moves us sympathetically and causes an unbelievable amount of stress on our peace of mind about our place in the world.

Vertical thinking allows us to pause and reflect on what your life focus may be and course correct if necessary. All of us has a level of spirituality, even if it based on some basic innate internal rules of civility. We all at some point wrestle with the big life questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? This is natural. Everyone has to get those answers at some point in their life whether at the beginning, middle or end of our life walk. As I look at the things taking place in the world I am reminded of the need to look at things through the lens of spirituality and remember that life is not about the accumulation of things, but the acquisition of experiences that lead us to decide your purpose or in my case, His purpose.

I believe we are children fumbling, crawling, reaching out to take steps we’re unsure of. I believe that while we look to our left and right we perpetuate the divisive issues that continue to break our “family” apart.  I believe that the suffering we inflict upon ourselves and others could be solved if we looked, examined and changed our heart’s motivation. I believe if we loved our neighbor as we love our families, as we loved ourselves the world would be a much more peaceful place. I believe that we make things too convoluted, too complicated for ourselves. I believe we need to give more and take less. I believe that looking up, being humble and realizing our inability to work beyond His parental guidance we find peace of mind. I believe Vertical Thinking prevents Horizontal Problems.

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Vertical Thoughts: Only Breath by Rumi

“Only Breath” a visual Poem by Rumi. Read by Coleman Barks. It’s a powerful argument for unity and a reflection on our own spirituality.

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