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Transformations: Tearing Down To Build Up

I was inspired by this commercial because of its simple and powerful message. I think it’s important advice in any effort for transformational growth. Take a look and tell me what you think in the comments below.

When we work to change our behavior or habits, sometimes the first step is to assess who we really are. We may have to “Tear down [old or bad behaviors] to build up [new and better behaviors]”

Do you think Chrysler hit the right mark? How do you think the video relates to personal growth?

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Transformations: Stillness

Sometimes the tiniest effort in our lives can wield the most drastic results. Most of us are afraid of change, Some of us are paralyzed by fear, a few of us actually carry out the things that make us happy. So I guess the question is why? What makes us so adamantly resist change? Why is it hard for us to break away from the things that hurt us and move toward progress? Seasons change, Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall and Fall to Winter again. Time brings changes, subtle and drastic. Lines  and wrinkles appear where there were none. People and places fade in and out of our life, but one thing is constant…change is inevitable, like it or not its the core of life itself. I think we resist because of the unknown. We are not comfortable with not knowing. Not knowing the future, not knowing what will become of our lives. We worry about  our families, we worry about our finances and our health. The first step to over coming fear of change is to realize how important it is to our own advancement. When we change we move toward the happiness we most desperately want. We go from the stillness and silence of  inertness to the positive motion of progress.

Move…Go…Push the limits.

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