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Fashion Friday: The Resurgence of the Modern Renaissance Man

If there’s one thing that style teaches us it’s that in order to establish your individuality you need to be willing to live, not by trends, but with   pieces that will stand the test of time. Most of us know how to get those core pieces in our wardrobe, but it’s the DETAILS that make a distinction between the drab and the deft.

Tracy and Mike Xavier   hope to do this with their Accessory brand Modern Renaissance Man. Taking cues from such iconic shows like Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men, which have a deep history of men’s vintage fashion, Modern Renaissance Man interprets these ideas in a fresh and modern way. Looking forward while respectfully nodding to the past.

They describe their products in this way:

“Tie bars, tie clips, cuff links, pocket scarves and squares. Vintage finds & custom creations, Re-imagined accessory line for men & women. Suits make a man look great, accessories make a man more interesting.”


One of the challenges in finding accessories for men is that it has to be well made,  thoughtful, innovative and stylish. Tracy and Mike hit all those marks, not only in the the quality of the materials but also in the execution of the design. A classic paisley silk pocket square paired with a handmade flower lapel pin and matching color accents. Innovative tie tacks that don’t pierce and damage your tie (MAG TAK) and a focus on details: fully finished silk backs for the magnets, contrasting stitching on the pocket squares and more. Tracy and Mike have also specifically chosen to use great materials that really reflect their thoughtful approach to the modern man’s sensibilities: leather, stainless steel, brass and European silk, all done (here’s the best part) with your budget in mind with most products starting under $20


When I had an issue with one of the flower pins Tracy graciously offered to fix or replace the product for me. This is very very important to me. When you’re buying from a handmade retailer who stands behind their product it’s great to know that customers can reach out to them and buy with a confidence that their concerns are heard and addressed promptly.


All in all I was very pleased with my experience with them and you will too. Head on over to Modern Renaissance Man and check out a unique online boutique of men’s vintage accessories with a twist.

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Fashion Friday: How To Choose Accessories For Men

I’ve always been willing to try something new, challenge my own sensibilities of what compliments my personality. When I look at all the trends and different looks for the season, it’​s important for me  to filter them, translate them into what makes me look and feel great. Accessories are a little tricky for men, maybe you’re a cufflink guy or a tie bar person, but whatever accessories you choose make sure it fits you. Nothing is worse that a person translating a trend that doesn’t fit their lifestyle or personality.

Trends in men’​s fashion don’t change very often, so for me the trick in staying sharp are impeccable accessories. For guys it’​s a matter of nailing down the details. Think a little outside the norm. Deconstruct your wardrobe. For example, depending on the fabric, look at the vest of your three-piece suit as a separate accessory. What else can you wear it with? Can you add a pochette like you would a full-blown suit? Waistcoats on their own are a great alternative for men to express their personal style. Never copy anyone else’s style. Remember, the goal is to draw inspiration from the things around you and develop something fresh and new that’s complementary to your personality.  It’​s all about tweaking the details…for suit guys, a pop of color and pattern in the pocket square. Start with a piped one, then move on to pin-dots or a plaid pochette or even this killer one from Drake’s of London. For guys who are a little bolder or who like a little “flash”​, try lapel pins like this  from Bowties & Sneakers and Fine and Dandy  or silk knots, these pieces give a sport jacket or blazer a little personality and depth. Or how about a dash of flair for your tie bar. Maybe you’​re a little more “​Rock &​ Roll”​,  add a natural rustic leather bracelet (in moderation and age appropriateness of course) from Novica

I like to experiment with different looks, and you should too. Don’t be afraid to take some chances with texture, colour, and patterns in achieving a killer outfit for your personality. Remember, “​Style is Internal.”​


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Transformations: KAZMOK – Recycling Conveyor Belts Into Luxurious Briefcases.


transitive verb

A.) To change in composition or structure.

B. ) To change the outward form or appearance of.

C.) To change in character or condition


Change is an arduous task, taking sometimes months even years to achieve. Yet the work to achieve a goal is worth it when we see the results of our struggle. Here at The Transformed Male we appreciate the work it takes to improve our character into something better or to turn the unsightly into something beautiful. Industrial designer Dinand Stufkens might have had this in mind when creating the beautiful briefcases for his brand KAZMOK.


“KAZMOK is a unique brand that stands for quality and recycling. The primary feature of Kazmok re-use is the use of industrial and recycled waste materials. The idea for KAZMOK was born at the kitchen table of Dinand Stufkens. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, Dinand figured that conveyor belts could be the ideal material for men’s bags. That’s how Kazmok re-use was created. The material is strong, very durable, and unique in color and pattern.” 

KAZMOK The Principal_1 102040 Gé¼ 199,95

What I love about this design is the way Mr. Stufkens focuses on the enduring sustainability, using material that most of us think nothing of:  Conveyor belts that have previously been in distribution centers for products we may already own. From such humble beginnings come powerful, strikingly cool, unique, colorful pieces that not only make a statement of  independence from the norm, but also  a classic attention to detail that reflects Dinand’s own personality: daring, cool, pure and industrial. Since the craftsmanship that goes into every KAZMOK bag is essential to the entire continuity of the collection, he personally buys the materials (which consists of  strong rubber or PVC) does the quality control and sales. His brand is incredibly focused on sustainability,  from cleaning the raw material  without chemical cleaners to  making wise use of transportation during the distribution process. It’s clear that a great amount of purposeful thought goes into each series of briefcases, trolleys, shoppers, laptop bags, ipad sleeves, belts and accessories that KAZMOK makes.


It’s no wonder KAZMOK has been nominated for many sustainable design awards for their products. Transforming something common into the extraordinary with an eye for fluid, luxurious, functional, industrial  accessories, one can easily imagine not only having a KAZMOK bag for everyday use, but also as a legacy piece that endures just as long as the watch Dad gave you after graduating college, both  a symbol of what was and what is to be.


Dinand Stufkens

+31 6 13097599

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