We live in an age of micro-blogging and fashion writers who give their opinion about trends and proper clothing etiquette. All of this may be confusing and meaningless to some, but I believe brings out insecurities in others. For years we have been told that this is ONE of things that helps with job interviews, with firsts impressions, with first dates etc. Picking which color or type of suit to wear, the spread of your collar, which shoes to wear will some how will make or break “the deal”. We have given clothing nicknames like “power suits,” “power ties,” “armor” etc. all because there is a subtle energy one gets internally and externally when dressing appropriately and elegantly. Look in any men’s magazine and you will find many a satorialist with an opinion about what a man should or should not be wearing. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t influenced by all of these ramblings.

It’s not a question of whether you like wearing suits vs. jeans or Khakis vs. slacks but whether dressing neatly via these styles is important. One has to admit that when you put on clothing that fits impeccably, has excellent quality, and looks amazing on you whatever your body type may be, it does everything for how you feel and in turn how that energy is perceived by others. It effects your self-esteem. It affects your confidence. And that confidence, that manly confidence is down right sexy to others who may be around you. Period.

”The language of clothing is as complex as the spoken word, but ignorance of it is no excuse.” – Jesse Thorn

A well dressed man can dress sophisticated like George Clooney, Matt Lauer, Carey Grant, or Bryan Ferry. Dress trendy like Jude Law, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Depp or David Bowie. Or dress laid-back & relaxed like Bruce Springsteen, James Dean, Matthew McConaughey, or Viggo Mortensen. What matters is that we just dress. Dress to fit our style, our attitude, our lifestyle…our life. These aesthetics matter because we live in a society (unfortunately) where people associate what they see with their eyes with what they feel even for but a moment. If you’ve ever been at a friends party, a bar, or some other social situation you know this to be true. Everyone at one time or another has seen someone dress a certain way and thought either negative or positive. Progressive as they would want others to think (This of course in itself is gravely superficial) Neckties, pocket squares, socks and watch reveal a man’s attitude about life, work or play. But his own words and actions define him. But If you can see the value of putting your best foot forward through clothing and think a little more on the value of these “subtleties” then it will deepen the initial attraction people have to us and draw them in to discover the many and hopefully deeper things we have to offer them.

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