I am a Transformed Male. I am constantly traveling, observing, listening, absorbing; filtering words, wisdom and opening myself to connections that will help that metamorphosis. This is a process, full of stops and starts, fears and frustrations. Yet sometimes some of the smallest things, a verse, a phrase, a post, a word, can have the most profound effect on me and makes me question how might I be the purest version of myself. How can I be my authentic self? Am I haughty or humble? I’m not sure of some things but I’ve figured out that it begins with being self-aware, the ability to see things outside your own microcosm, outside your neighborhood, city, state and country. This is very difficult to do for most people and even more so for some men. I think the question that I most reflect on is what does it mean to be a “Transformed Male?” A better version of ourselves? It can be confusing because we have so much media “noise” that influences us to be this or that. Should we be Stoic Providers or Sensitive Listeners? Cool or Quiet? The Adventurous and Dangerous Donnie or The Reliable Stable Steve? Pondering all of this led me to think of what it means to be a gentleman. Who is He? How does he think? What are his values?

We will discover that one step at a time. Most importantly and hopefully, you will leave here with a sense of  hope that chivalrous & genteel behavior are not archaic ideologies, but a realistic aspiration.


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