Monday Motivations: Encouraging Boys, Men and Mentors

I was going through my old CD collection (yes I still hold on to them 🙂 ) and started to listen to some songs and mixed CD’s I had made. I came across “Khalil” by Boys II Men, an interlude between the  tracks “Jezzebel” and “Trying Times” from the album “II.” It was a dedication to their late road manager & mentor Khalil Roundtree . It made me think of all the positive and negative influences I had when I was growing up. I’m thankful for both because it gave me the ability to see what happened when I made good choices and when I didn’t. I had many mentors who shared their wisdom and taught me to look beyond the obvious when dealing with people and in making decisions in my life. So I want to thank all those men who brought me along and gave me the tools I needed to become a productive part of society.

There are so many self-sacrificing people out there who are leading the charge quietly in their families and  communities to encourage and mentor our young men. Fathers, uncles, brothers, coaches, ministers, mothers, sisters, wives, etc. We appreciate your work. We are grateful. Thank you.

Who has mentored or inspired you and how? Share and write in the comments below.

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