The Peacock Effect | Redefining The Middle-Aged Man

When you become a “man of a certain age”, are the tenants of style more lax or rigid? Project 40 believes there’s a need a broader definition of what being a man is. I have to agree.

Project 40

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We need a broader definition of what being a man is. I remember a female friend of mine many years ago trying to figure me out. She came to the conclusion that I was either a player or gay. I didn’t fit into her predetermined box of manliness. Why? Because I dressed well. Can you imagine that? Those were my two options. It wasn’t enough just to want to look good, there had to be something more to it… some other motivation. So I guess if I dressed like a slob I would be perceived as a heterosexual who respected monogamy. Good thing I’m not neat or it would be case closed.

I hate being put in a box like that. But that comment stuck with me and affected me in different ways over the years.

I remembered the comment as I read a blog post from a US military…

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I blog about character, competency and clothing. Giving back, living well and looking sharp is how you live life with style. What good is a new suit if the man inside is rotten?

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