Monday Motivations: Leaving Your Mark on the World

My colleague, ally and Twitter friend Marie Roker-Jones of  Raising Great Men shares her thoughts on daily on how mothers can encourage their sons to become strong empathetic young men. Today I’ve asked her to share some inspiring thoughts that will inspire you for the start of the week.

Are you leaving Your Mark on the World?

“The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!”- (Frank Sinatra)

Society’s measure of a man is defined by how bravely he stands in the face of adversity and challenges. Life defines the true measure of a man by how he values and influences those around him. When you reach the end of your life, it won’t matter how much wealth, power or prestige you acquired, all that will matter is how you impacted the world. Were you a man of integrity? Did you take people, time and opportunities for granted? In your futile efforts to be successful, to get more accolades, did you get involved in the world?

When you were a boy, your well-meaning parents set expectations for you that sometimes were unrealistic or unattainable. As you matured, those expectations were compounded by societal pressures to live up to male gender roles. If you were lucky, you had a role model or mentor who gently guided through this confusing and complex time in your life. If you were left to your own devices, you muddled through these years with fake bravado and an air of arrogance. Your life became a competitive sport. Through a series of competition with yourself and other men your goal was to get more money, power, and women. Somewhere along the way, you lost your focus and forgot your purpose. The need to outdo yourself and others took precedence over making a difference in the world.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing in life, you can leave a positive mark on the world. Every day you are given opportunities to inspire and encourage people. Your thoughts, actions and words have the power to influence others. Your life is not measured by grandiose efforts to “be the man”, its measured by the impression you leave on the world.


Real talk about raising boys to become men of character.
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