Monday Motivations: Fake It Til You Make It?


We’ve all heard the phrase “Fake it til you make it.” It’s the ACT of doing the things you need to do to give the appearance of having things together. I’ve never been comfortable with the saying or the concept. It’s deceiving, both to the one perpetuating and those who interact with him/her.  Admittedly in this “hustle harder” “I’m on my grind” tough economic world we live in, filled with all sorts of advice on how to be successful in business, networking and in our personal lives it’s easy to believe that we have to do this to keep up appearances. With this in mind I thought the message above was right on target.

How might a person be faking it? By being a Mr. or Ms. “Me Too!” Are you an entrepreneur? Me too. Are you a public speaker? Me too. You get the idea. Believing you are something is very different from actually BEING that said thing. People spend years to become proficient in these fields and take pride in the results these efforts bring and it would be disrespectful to the craft and the work that actually goes into becoming that said pursuit, passion or purpose if we were to put on our resumes or profiles titles that are not authentic to who we really are.  Employers can spot a “faker” a mile away and it could cost you the job. On social media sites it’s harder to spot,  but like all things there is a price nevertheless. Sooner or later your network will realize the lack of authenticity and will call you out on it.

So are you faking it or making it? No one can dictate whether you have “made” it or not. We can’t judge success based on someone else’s pursuits, passions and purpose. Success is relative to the individual goals we’ve set for ourselves. Each day we have a chance to create a life that fills us with satisfaction. Here at The Transformed Male we try to promote thinking, living, and being authentic. It’s not always easy to do.  Heck, I’m still “transforming” with each post I write. But the reward is a life that’s aligned created by YOU. Let’s do the work, put in the “sweat equity” so it looks good, not just on the outside but the inside as well.


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3 Comments on “Monday Motivations: Fake It Til You Make It?”

  1. jasllegend Says:

    Sounds like what it takes to be an ACTOR


    • TheStyleGent Says:

      I appreciate your comment. Thanks for reading. Even with acting it take years to become proficient. I hope the post inspires people to become more authentic in aligning them with their purpose.


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