Looking At Men’s Fashion In BLAKE&WHYTE


Style is organic, personal, invoking a sense of  independence, a spirit which Malcolm Beckford: stylist, photographer, filmmaker and Ken Macmillan: fashion designer took when combining the years of experience they both had in the industry to help create the label BLAKE&WHYTE.

“Some time ago, Malcolm and I began talking about collaborating on a collection of clothing and accessories for men. We just weren’t entirely satisfied with what was being currently offered in the market.” said Ken Macmillan, Co-Founder of BLAKE&WHYTE. “In 2011 we launched the brand which consists of a collection of stylish and impeccably made essentials”


Conceived and made in New York, BLAKE&WHYTE represents the best of American and British classics, with a focus on timeless fit and durable well made fabrics. In an industry that can be all too trendy, its refreshing to see a brand focusing on pieces that will grow with a man’s enduring wardrobe.

Looking at the 2013 Spring collection it’s very apparent that Malcolm and Ken know what men want and need. Each garment fits into a larger design aesthetic. Building on the versatile BLAKE&WHYTE Button-Down Collar Shirt and their BLAKE&WHYTE Crew-Neck Sweatshirt it’s easy to see how these would not only fit into a man’s pieces  existing but also seamlessly work with the brands other core peices.



Malcolm and Ken are offering the BLAKE&WHYTE Button-Down Collar Shirt $87 and their BLAKE&WHYTE Crew-Neck Sweatshirt $59 as a part of their Kickstarter project. I’m pleased help them raise awareness to the brand. You can support their work by heading over to blakeandwhyte.com




Media Contact:

Malcolm Beckford Team@blakeandwhyte


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