Frank and Oak: Posh and Practicality

If  you’re like me, you want look stylish but also keep a little cash in your pocket as well. Nothing is more satisfying than to know you look good but also got a great deal as well. New clothier Frank & Oak takes that next step in making killer fashion more convenient, accessible, and literally fun. What makes them different? You can get many of their stylish pieces for about $50.00

Blending exceptional craftsmanship  with street-wear influences, Frank and Oak gives you a  revolving  online monthly collection that will tap into what’s fresh and fashionable now. Members can even try their collection at home before deciding to buy. I’ve got my eye on the Laurier Jacket (seen above). One of the things that I love is the detail in the lining…gives this piece a cool pop. Hurry up and get yourself over to Frank & Oak to experience sophisticated fashion at an affordable price.

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I blog about character, competency and clothing. Giving back, living well and looking sharp is how you live life with style. What good is a new suit if the man inside is rotten?

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