Monday Motivations: Reset, Recalibrate and Re-direct






This won’t be another inspirational message of change your thinking, change your life kind of post. I wont pontificate on the deeper wells of wisdom on how you can transform yourself through positive mantras or “secret“ ideologies, that is for the gurus and book writers. I hope however you can take something away from my brief story. I’ve had the privilege of having a long streak of consistent work in the fashion retail & luxury industry; sixteen years to be exact. I loved the hustle and grind of dressing & outfitting people in clothing and jewelry, customer service and the company awards and accolades that go with it all. There was also the other side: ridiculously long hours, extremely demanding superiors, and sometimes unreasonable expectations from clients/customers. But more importantly, the physical toll it takes on the body.
Recently, I came down with a condition called Rhabdomyolysis from a bout with the flu, which had me hospitalized for over a month, in constant excruciating pain and barely able to walk. I now am confined to a wheelchair. This is what they call the “Aha!” moment. You know where this is going right? Why did I have to learn the hard way how to better prioritize and balance life-goals?  Why did I have to be practically at death’s door to realize what’s important to me? Why? Because we are creatures of extremes. We tend to swing from left to right, hot to cold, empathy or apathy at a moments notice. The goals that we may have had with good intentions, get left by the wayside or completely forgotten. Remember that thing you were going to do? That thing you were so passionate about? Have you started yet? Did you get distracted or derailed? Maybe it’s time for a reset.

Oftentimes when we make goals resolutions, promises & commitments we may forget the need to balance goals with cost. Not just the result of the goal, but the price we pay for achieving a said goal. For example: If someone’s goal is to become an entrepreneur (noble and inspirational) but accomplishes it at the cost of family, self-esteem, health or ideals, then the cost may be too high. There may be a need to recalibrate the motive and redirect the intent behind the actions surrounding the goal. This is of  monumental importance when setting, maintaining & ultimately achieving our ambitions. Making sure of the reasons we are aspiring to a particular purpose is just as important as getting it done. I learned this the hard way. I now have a better understanding of myself and my potential because of this. I am now a student of balance. 

“conthequences schmonthequences, as long as I’m rich”Daffy Duck

“Try not to think and act in extremes, instead become a student of balance. There is wisdom in balance. Balance is the ability to see danger in excess or inertness. To maintain physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health-become a student of Balance.”

So, have you started yet? Have you planed to take that next step? Go for it. Work hard for it. Just make sure that you don’t teeter too far to the left or right. Stay humble, stay thankful, stay hungry, stay on course.


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3 Comments on “Monday Motivations: Reset, Recalibrate and Re-direct”

  1. kendrick jackson Says:

    great post. Glad to hear your health has recovered.


    • thestylegent Says:

      Thanks Kendrick, unfortunately I’m still in the wheelchair but life lessons learned. I mentally walked away understanding myself better and have more clarity on the things that really matter now.


  2. kendrick jackson Says:

    That’s all you can do. Your options are sit there (literally) and feel bad for yourself or do what you are doing now. Inspiring people to better themselves. Keep doing what you are doing. I am not a perfect husband, man or father by any means. But I will continue to strive to be. It’s good to have a reference to be able to read and be more enlightened. Thank you.


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