Fashion Friday: The 7 Habits Of Stylish People

With all the information on men’s clothing that’s out there, it’s easy for a guy to go from somewhat confident to feeling almost inept. Do this, wear that, buy this, read that. It’s all a little confusing. Well, I’ll try to cut through the fluff and try to get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are seven style habits or attitudes that I think you can practice to improve your personal style.

1-Know Thyself

This is of monumental importance.

“Know first who you are and then adorn yourself accordingly”Epicetus

A stylish person knows and is comfortable with who he or she is. Never satisfied to emulate, they are confident, not because of who or what they wear but because of who they are. Asking important questions like “am I a conservative or free-spirited, classic or trendy, laid-back and casual or formal and elegant?” is pivotal to knowing and understanding who you are. This is the first step to becoming a person of style.

2-Get Informed.

We can debate whether a person can be innately stylish or not and though it’s impossible to know everything, one thing is true about stylish people: they are well-informed. They are  well-informed about things that matter and that are useful, they read, they are seekers of information that will enrich their personalities, keep them in the know and always one step ahead of the pack. They are thrifty and know where to get cool things & services at a great price. They know which things are worth spending their time and money on. They also know what to keep to themselves and what to reveal. Ever see a stylish person and ask them where they got that crisp shirt or killer suit or tie? Did they tell you?

3-Get A Mentor.

Every person has someone who they admire either for their wit and logic, savvy and sophistication or wisdom and experience. Mentors give us aspirations to be better and the inspiration to reach well beyond our comfort zones. Some of the people who I most admire I watched through observation, read their books or saw them speak at some convention. Others I’ve had the privilege of being taught by them personally. Stylish people know that these mentors may be in people they meet, places they go and in events they experience. They learn quietly by observation or directly by diligent study. They know that life is full of teachers.

4-Know The Rules.

Notice that this habit in 4th place. Everything prior to this step has nothing to do with clothing or fashion, which is exactly the point. Style is internal but expresses itself externally, not by what we might say but what we do every day. That’s why we say “life-style.” It’s a habit. Consequently, this one you need to get spot on. Knowing what to wear, when to wear and how to wear clothes is one of the basics of being a stylish person. You don’t have to be an expert at it, but you should know the fundamentals of Quality, Cut, Color & Cost, how it relates to the different seasons and your personality. Having a working knowledge of social graces and etiquette rules affords you the opportunity to improve your communication skills & relationships with those around you.

5- Make Your Own Rules.

Now that you know the rules, understand the rules, and can even recite the rules, you have a good foundation to be able to make your own rules. Purists may scoff but:

“The young man knows the rules, the old man knows the exceptions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

This quote illustrates that most things have exceptions, even fashion. Knowing the exceptions can put you in the place to be able to make your own. Fashion is filled with all sorts of rules when it comes to dressing well. But, a stylish person understands that there are times and instances when you can tweak these things and actually create something fresh and new that works for you and your personality.

6-Pay It Forward.

This habit is not obvious to most people. I put it here because it should be. You can call it Biblical, Karma or Zen. The bottom line is when you share anything: knowledge, experience, time or even that secret spot where you get those critical pieces, you create an even more important habit-generosity. It is an important and refreshing quality in any person, especially a stylish person. It’s the law of reciprocity and simple etiquette. Don’t be selfish, think of others and you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities will begin to open up for you.

7-Be Humble.

They say the last words you utter are the first words people remember. Well, hear it is:

Don’t get cocky. Nobody likes or cares for an arrogant person.

This is a fact and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. It’s not attractive. They’re self absorbed, boring and difficult to be around. Nothing is worse than a douche in a bespoke suit. The political, business & entertainment industry is filled with good-looking persons, in good-looking clothing with bad habits, bad manners and even bigger egos. Don’t be that guy. Being humble allows you to learn from anyone and everything. When you are humble you are aware of other people, you become teachable, have the potential to grow into a person of wisdom, which leads to the final aspiration, transforming into a Mentor, a Master not just of style, but also a “winning” style of life.

“It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.” – R.G. Ingersoll

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5 Comments on “Fashion Friday: The 7 Habits Of Stylish People”

  1. Johnnie at GentlemanREDUX Says:

    Well said sir, Well said. Consider this RT’d. I can’t help but love the quote:

    “The young man knows the rules, the old man knows the exceptions.”

    That’s knowledge, and the way you frame up what you wrote shows that you’re a practitioner of what you preach.


  2. thestylegent Says:

    Thanks Johnnie for the comment. I’m still working these seven things out. But one thing is true: it’s great to aspire to these habits. They are all based on the values of Love, Justice, Wisdom & Power. Check out THE MANIFESTO.



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