“To have and to hold”.

We all treasure our independence, our need to be free, and the sense of unencumbered exhilaration and bliss. Yet, deep down we also have to be wanted. Wanted by our friends, family, spouses and significant others. There is nothing like knowing that the ones you love want you, there is a warm sense of security in that. Like a comfy blanket that surrounds you on a chilly winters night.

It’s cold outside…thousands of things that seep into our mind that make us question our self-worth: our jobs that tests and ranks the level of contribution we add to the industrial machine, our religions that can either affirm or condemn our spirituality, our nations that challenges and questions our loyalty, and even our own intimate circle of friends and family can leave us distraught. Yet sometimes, if you are fortunate, you can stumble onto by complete accident or the sheer force of will and determination, someone who will have us as we are: fragile, fractured and fearful. Holding us to a better standard than we are used to or were willing to make. Someone that will bring out the best parts of our personality, without limiting our need to feel free. For some the search is on, still continues or is just begun. For others a new journey is underway…the ability to keep what is yours in your possession.

“To have…and to hold.”

Don’t Let go…

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One Comment on “Possession”

  1. jenndiva Says:

    I loved this post. I think that you did a great job writing about the thoughts and emotions of someone in a relationship that is genuine and pure. I know what you are talking about because I have been there.

    It’s not easy to be open with someone and let them in, but few people are able to get into that space and care for it. I’ve been in a relationship where it was hard for me to believe that someone could love me unconditionally. That kind of love is something that I hope everyone experiences.

    Thank you for sharing this post with me. I enjoyed reading it.


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