The Sounds: Art of Noise

The Art of Noise have always been innovators in the Electronica scene. From the heavy Hip-Hop influenced Albums in the early 80’s, to their more Ambient leanings in the 90’s The Art of Noise have always done one thing expertly well: create musical stories that challenge your concept of music.

I remember picking up the album “The Seduction of Claude Debussy based on two things: 1. The intriguing title 2. John Hurt. This is more than a “concept album” its a light history class on the origins of Electronica and Debussys’ contribution to modern music. The stand out track for me is “On Being Blue” which starts out with actor John Hurt’s phrasings: “It would be truly surprising if sound were not capable of suggesting color, if colors could not give the idea of the melody, if sound and color were not adequate enough to describe ideas.” The fusing of spoken word, opera and electronic music is seamless. In fact, the first track “Il Pleure” will sweep you away with its sheer beautiful melodies and the voice of Sally Bradshaw is simply amazing.  This time I will post them both.

The Art of Noise

1. ”On Being Blue”

2. “Il Pleure”


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