What in life makes us complete? Is it people, things or possessions? People pass through our lives like vapor, we grasp at them frantically as they slip through our fingers. Things, like people, are corruptible. They can disintegrate and crumble away. Our possessions can be broken and stolen from us. Some of us are only half of what we could be and none of us are whole enough for what we should be.

So what do we do? Where do we turn to? Most of us trudge on, Lurking among the crowds of people who push and bump through our lives, searching for purpose, searching for answers. The world we now live in is so volatile, each day the news gives us little hope and even less solutions. Maybe it’s time to look in and out. Maybe its time for a little introspection, tough and real dialogue with ourselves and find out who we really are on the inside. Maybe its time to look out and surround ourselves with those who will see us for who we truly are, tell us what they really think, without fear or isolation. Maybe change begins on the inside and thus affecting the outside. Maybe it’s finally time to look up and humbly admit that the hole in our souls can be healed if we just listen?

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I blog about character, competency and clothing. Giving back, living well and looking sharp is how you live life with style. What good is a new suit if the man inside is rotten?

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