Monday Motivations: Fake Fashion, True Trendsetting

Monday Motivations: Fake Fashion, True Trendsetting

There are as many places on the net that will tell you what, when, why and who to wear. But there is something much more important than the latest instagram “selfie” or the latest and greatest place to find that killer look. More important than our outer appearance is the person we are each day when we “suit up,” our inner person. Have we achieved and clothed ourselves in the best qualities that will make us a better person each day? We live in a world fraught with frivolity, fifteen minute fame and superficiality. Reality TV titillates our taste buds for bad behavior and the exploitation of our women, perpetuates our propensity and toleration of the Man-child and ultimately corrupts our views of healthy relationships.

Lets get refocused. Let’s not be the social norm, let’s be true trendsetters. Let’s rally around substance over surface, selflessness over selfishness. Let’s stop trying to live the THE lifestyle and start living purposeful lives. Let’s start addressing the issues that keep us from having healthy relationships with our sons & daughters, husbands or wives, our baby’s mothers or fathers, Let’s start spending more time on the person we are on the INSIDE as we do on the outside. Let’s be character tailors, true trendsetters, let’s…

“Vestire Internamente”
(Dress Internally)


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Monday Motivations: Responding to “Black Male Anger”


Below is an article by Marie Roker-Jones @RaisingGreatMen That got a great discussion going on Google+ take a look at the link and leave your comments and thoughts on how men can heal the pain that anger sometimes hides.

My Plea to Angry Black Men

I know for some the knee jerk reaction to this would be a flurry of “unfollows”

(I re-tweeted this on Twitter) and banishment from Circles, or “you don’t really understand what we black men go through.” But really the issue of anger in men is a real one, even more so in black men. That said I think it’s important that we individually can be responsible for our anger and how we respond to the maligning of our group character.

As a black man I can truly say I’ve felt the frustration, anger and utter sadness at:

1.) The perpetual stereotyping of who they think I am

2.) My own brothers perpetuating that stereotype by responding incorrectly with many times even more violence.
How we respond to this kind of injustice is just as important as how we eradicate it. And that starts with self.

As Leo Tolstoy once said:

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

We need to model the behavior we want to see. We can be the role model in the small interactions we have with people in our everyday lives: our neighbors, co-workers, families or any other relationships we have.

When I think of role models I think of Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. These men rose above the injustice of their time with strength, elegance, focus and intelligence. Finally, working on our personal emotional intelligence is key. How? Yes, visualizing may be one way, as well as acknowledging that those feelings of anger are actually a misinterpretation of hurt we as a group feel. These are just some of the building block’s to countering the reactive nature of anger.

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Fashion Friday: The Resurgence of the Modern Renaissance Man

If there’s one thing that style teaches us it’s that in order to establish your individuality you need to be willing to live, not by trends, but with   pieces that will stand the test of time. Most of us know how to get those core pieces in our wardrobe, but it’s the DETAILS that make a distinction between the drab and the deft.

Tracy and Mike Xavier   hope to do this with their Accessory brand Modern Renaissance Man. Taking cues from such iconic shows like Deadwood, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men, which have a deep history of men’s vintage fashion, Modern Renaissance Man interprets these ideas in a fresh and modern way. Looking forward while respectfully nodding to the past.

They describe their products in this way:

“Tie bars, tie clips, cuff links, pocket scarves and squares. Vintage finds & custom creations, Re-imagined accessory line for men & women. Suits make a man look great, accessories make a man more interesting.”


One of the challenges in finding accessories for men is that it has to be well made,  thoughtful, innovative and stylish. Tracy and Mike hit all those marks, not only in the the quality of the materials but also in the execution of the design. A classic paisley silk pocket square paired with a handmade flower lapel pin and matching color accents. Innovative tie tacks that don’t pierce and damage your tie (MAG TAK) and a focus on details: fully finished silk backs for the magnets, contrasting stitching on the pocket squares and more. Tracy and Mike have also specifically chosen to use great materials that really reflect their thoughtful approach to the modern man’s sensibilities: leather, stainless steel, brass and European silk, all done (here’s the best part) with your budget in mind with most products starting under $20


When I had an issue with one of the flower pins Tracy graciously offered to fix or replace the product for me. This is very very important to me. When you’re buying from a handmade retailer who stands behind their product it’s great to know that customers can reach out to them and buy with a confidence that their concerns are heard and addressed promptly.


All in all I was very pleased with my experience with them and you will too. Head on over to Modern Renaissance Man and check out a unique online boutique of men’s vintage accessories with a twist.

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Transformorming Tragedies, Tribulations and Trayvon

I’ve grieved for the past few days, coming to grips with the horrific loss of life of children and adults in the past year. The deaths of 26 children in Sandyhook, the senseless slayings Chicago the killing of Trayvon Martin, Jonathan Ables, Jordan Davis, David James, the list goes on and on. I even wondered […]

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Monday Motivations: “No Makeup” Today

I don’t usually don’t write a lot of posts on women, but this Kendrick Lamar song struck me a certain way and I thought it best to talk to you today. With all the pressures you face each day, the continuous assaults on your self-esteem, the pressure to keep up at work, at home and […]

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